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Talia Golchin is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist specialising in painting, collage, digital art and etching, exploring themes of ‘human behaviour, pop culture and the society at large’.

Originally from Tehran, Talia’s journey began as a young self taught artist where she discovered self expression through portraiture and figurative oil paintings. Her artistic skills where developed through natural ability, detailed observation and experimentation. These skills were further refined after moving to the UK where life drawing techniques where honed whilst studying art and design, as well as graduating with a degree in fashion design.

As a young graduate Talia created an art influenced fashion collection based on the true life story of Edinburgh author and film director Wayne Thallone who was raised in a brothel in Scotland (The Sunday Times, 30th November 2011).  The humour and irony of the female characters in Wayne’s life story were depicted as hand drawn child like doodles of abstract female characters printed on silk.  The collection was selected and showcased at London Graduate Fashion Week.

Latterly Talia has travelled the world enabling her style to evolve to a point where she can create art from available resources that reflects her perception of the world, as well as life experiences. Talia’s artisan style is displayed in the highly technical execution of her work along with her ability to adapt to her surroundings where she can create unique art from her London Studio or from any space that she finds herself in. 

In her most recent exhibition displayed as part of the prestigious Saatchi Gallery Start Contemporary Art Fair in London.

‘THOSE WE LOVE AND LOATHE’ is an extensive body of work in which Talia has portrayed a humorous social commentary on some of the most reviled and admired personalities of the past century. The signature piece is a large collage and light box that stimulates visual as well as intellectual senses and examined in detail questions our perception of the world.  The collection was received with broad public acclamation and is being displayed at further shows around the world. 

Talia’s new projects continue to draw on her love of rebellion and free thought where her passion to deal with challenging subjects pushes artistic boundaries both technically and creatively, ultimately leading to…

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